Are you planning to paint your walls or install new drywall for your house? Do you have any idea where to begin with? Hiring a drywall and painting contractor may be the ideal first step.  


Painting exterior walls is a difficult job since they need more work. It isn’t just about adding a new coat of paint. There are a lot of things you have to do. For example, you have to fix any damages or cracks to the walls and get rid of the accumulated dirt.  

For most homeowners, this is a lot of work. Thus, they choose to hire a professional painter. However, before you hire one, here are several things you need to do. 

Examine Their Insurance and Permits 

You shouldn’t hire a painting/drywall contractor without examining their insurance documents, permits, and credentials first. Always hire a reliable contractor who can prove his/her skills. Also, you shouldn’t be scared to ask them many questions.  

These are layers of extra protection if you aren’t satisfied with their job or if an accident occurs during the project.  

Examine Reviews and References 

Ask your family and friends for suggestions before you hire a painting or drywall contractor. Another option is to go online and examine reviews from other clients. This is an ideal method to see who you are dealing with. 

Always hire a contractor who has proven skills. Bigger companies with years of experience will often do a worse job compared to a small, locally-owned company that focuses on making their clients satisfied.  

Get Clear on Your Budget for the Project 

Expert painting contractors are not cheap since they do a job for which you do not have the materials, skills, and time.  

Because of this, you’ve got to set a clear budget. Then, talk to the painters about the services they can provide. You should ask them about any unforeseen expenses and where they might come from.  

High-quality workmanship and materials cost more. However, it can also affect the labor rates depending on where you live.  

Get Clear on the Scope of the Project 

You have to talk about the project scope with them before you hire a drywall or painting contractor.  

Do you want your walls to stand out with color combinations or patterns? Do you want a simple repainting job with a single color? 

Do you want them to clean and prepare the walls or will you do it? Do you want them to clean up afterward 

Go through all the details you can imagine to prevent any miscommunications. Keep in mind that a couple of additional services might cost you more.  


Meet Them Before Hiring  

You shouldn’t hire a contractor right away. You have talked to them in person first. 

Have a short meeting with the painting contractor to talk about their delivery, your expectations, budget, and the terms of the job.  

You can then proceed with hiring them if you like how they do business. You can always look for another contractor if you get unprofessional vibes while talking with them.