Painting the interior is the simplest and cheapest option you can consider if you are planning to give your rental property a makeover but you are on a tight budget. Giving several rooms a fresh coat of paint is enough to elevate the appearance of your rental property. 


If you’re planning to hire a professional interior painter, there are a couple of questions you have to ask before signing any contract. This will help you get rid of your doubts and keep things straight.  

Here are questions to ask a painter for your tenant finish needs: 

What Makes You Different from Other Painting Companies? 

This is a good question to ask. A lot of contractors will offer a generic response. That is not a problem. However, a professional company will always provide you reassurance to guarantee you’re comfortable hiring them.  

Finding a contractor that gets rid of all your doubts and answers your questions is what you need to hire.  

Do You Provide Warranties? 

Not all painters provide a warranty. Because of this, you need to ask this question to have peace of mind. Almost every painting contractor provides 1 to 3-year warranty. Of course, this is a reasonable warranty since you’ll start to see problems with a paint job after 1 year. 

You should also ask what is and what isn’t covered in the warranty.  

Do You Have a Customer Service Number I Can Call If Issues Arise? 

It’s crucial that you ensure there’s a contact person you can call if any problems arise. It will give you peace of mind if you’ve got an office number of the company you’re hiring. This helps with emergencies. For instance, you can contact the number to reschedule the job if you aren’t at home.  

Where Will You Store Supplies During the Project? 

A lot of individuals forget to ask this question until the job begins and the mess is produced. It does not mean that your day-to-day living should be disrupted if the job is expected to take several days. You’ve got to ensure paint cans and materials aren’t left sitting on your driveway and hallways.  

An expert painting contractor will be organized to make your life easier and for safety measures. They will place all of their tools and materials in a single area.  

How Will You Keep My Home Clean and Take Care of the Messes? 

Accidents do happen obviously. It’s crucial to ask this question to guarantee you aren’t the one who will conduct the cleaning job. An expert painting contractor will ensure to clean any messes they generate. They’ll leave your home better than before.  

Do I Have to Do Prep Work? 

If you want to prevent a last-minute rush, this is a great question to ask upfront. A couple of contractors don’t require you to do any preparation work. On the other hand, some might ask you to move items or furniture from the walls. Though this might not determine who to hire, it’s good to have an idea of what to expect.